Twitter in the classroom

(Design for 50-minutes lessons)

Teacher's prearrangements:
  1. Check Twitter if it works properly at school
  2. Set up (for example - join; always use hash-tag #jobschool (?)

Lesson 1 - setup and familiarise

  1. Register at (students choose a nickname; don't tell other students (!); students note their password; if they don't have an email address: homework - get a free gmail address till next week and change it; bookmark twitter; students shouldn't follow the suggestest people - that'll be a task later)

Lesson 2

  1. Show "Twitter in plain English"
  2. students follow and all the followers there (or use
  3. Teacher follows students

Lesson 3

  1. (Login to Twitter, Search for Group esljhs117, Join)
  2. Tweet "Introduce yourself and tell us one thing you like to do when you are out of school" (tick "post on twitter")
  3. Next one: "What makes you happy?"
  4. use "@" to reply, use "#" for topics (hash-tag)
  5. find phrases at for "supermarket" and "complain" and tweet them

Lesson 4

  1. translate the phrases of Lesson3, use (bookmark it); send translation as reply and use "#german" as hash-tag
  2. go to "", switch to "Show tweets written in English" and search current tweets on "Supermarket", send the tweet to our group and send the German translation
  3. Try to find out, which supermarket / which country (use @-tag and start a nice conversation)

Conversation with @melissaleon



  1. celebrity game (students ask questions; celebrity says yes/no/don't know)

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